Friday, February 19, 2010

Why cook?

Why I cook?

Michael Ruhlman poised the question on his blog, “why I cook?” It is both an easy and a difficult question at the same time. I actually began cooking because I wanted to cook healthy food for myself. This was in high school, and I was lucky enough that my mother let me experiment. I wasn’t always a good cook….remember the catfish mom? Nobody knew then how things would work out. I’ve compiled my lists of both why, and why not I cook at the present time. Here you go.

Why I cook?

I cook because I make money doing so.
I cook because I’m good at it.
I cook because it makes me happy when I cook something people enjoy.
I cook because I don’t trust other peoples cooking.
I cook because I know what I want to make and what will make me happy when I eat it.
I cook because It’s a creative outlet for me and it makes me think and stimulate my mind.

Why I don’t cook?

I don’t cook because I’ll have to clean up.
I don’t cook because I lack inspiration.
I don’t cook when I have a taste for something I don’t know how to re-create.

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