Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Try Something New from the Appetizer Section

I think this past poll had an inherent logical answer built into it. Those people who are willing to try something new surely would like to give it a small try before diving in. I am surprised that neither soup nor dessert got a single vote while entrĂ©es did. Personally, I’m quite willing to give a dessert a try that strays from the predictable chocolate, vanilla, or berries regime. Apps and desserts also share the same price point, and quantity. Appetizers do garner all the glory though. They are the first things eaten, usually make up a good portion of the menu, and are most likely to include something unique.

Not just when looking for something new do people gravitate toward apps, but as a theme appetizers have become ever more popular. We call them different names; tapas, small bites, starters, ect. Restaurants across the country have gone above and beyond to explore exactly how to give the customer enough appetizer options. Ironically it’s been my observation that the downfall of any great menu is the lack of entrees. In my opinion while people want as many app choices as we can come up with, they also want the ability to order a big ole’ comfortable mid-western plate of food. What I’m saying here is that people want a lot of choices, they want to find that something new and give it a try, but they aren’t likely to make that a meal. At least from my experiences.

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