Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Supper on Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl has become a day with a free pass to junk food, ‘man’ food, or otherwise lowbrow or simple food that in the right hands and minds of football fans becomes foodie paradise. Super Bowl spreads make the average tailgate look like an Old Country Buffet. The Super Bowl brings the foodie out in all of us. Nachos aren’t just nachos they are Super Bowl Sunday Nachos. Chili isn’t just good old chili it’s Super Bowl Sunday Chili, once a year chili! Sure this is nothing more than a marketing scheme. Big business can capitalize on our desire to make any day of the week special if they can suck extra money out of us buying things. Null point. My Super Bowl might have been ruined by a Saint’s win, but the food was good.

We started with a fresh vegetable tray, thanks Mom. I mean who is dropping mean cash for red and orange bell peppers? Mom! And damn tasty. Complete with T. Marzetti ‘Dill Veggie Dip’ which is really nice. There was an accompanying tray of starches; pretzels, corn chips, Fritos and salsa. My drink suggestion was Labatt’s Blue, and what do you know, thank you Dad.

The dirt comes with the cleats. We had a mad bean stew with pork, bacon, duck, and brisket. The star was Mom’s bbq style pulled pork that we ate as sandwiches. Fries and fried cocktail shrimp proved to calm my personal desire for grease after all those raw veggies to start. Gotta move those through the system somehow. Well, I hate to rain on this little parade but the coleslaw sucked. I vow my next post will be one that includes a coleslaw recipe, and one that should not be deviated from, but only in the slightest. In my opinion the only thing worse than the coleslaw was the half time presentation of The Who. The only way to solve a mystery is to determine, "who, what, why, when, and where" it seems like the NFL stoped searching for musical artists after one question, Who, will you?

For the sweet tooth we enjoyed a square vanilla bread pudding with caramel sauce. The sweetness was the kind of thing that makes your teeth hurt, it was either that or the Manning interception that made my teeth hurt. Either way it was very sweet.

Well, today is over, and it’s only one year till the next Super Bowl, and I’m ready to start planning that menu. I’m pushing for chili, with a ton of additions, at least one of which being hot dogs. Wouldn’t that be great? If you could get a bowl of chili with a hot dog as a topping? Hummmmmm.

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MOM said...

Thanks. Chili does sound great with hotdog topping, buy why wait until next year? See you soon.