Tuesday, March 29, 2011

56 West last night

Went to 56 West last night. It is a smallish restaurant in the heart of Lakewood, Oh. I’ve been looking for a reason to go there for a long time now, and last night we decided to roll the dice.

It was very pleasant. The kitchen is in full view as you walk in the door, but most of the seating is in a long rectangular room next to the kitchen. The table and décor is sparse, which I kind of enjoy most times. We were approached as soon as we walked in and seated in a half full dining room….on a Monday night after 7…not bad!

The menu is arranged very nice. There are no set entrees. Rather you have the choice of a few proteins, some salads, and an even mixture of sides. It is an interesting idea that I can appreciate. We shared the Thai Mussels which I truly enjoyed. It had an upfront spice that I really appreciate. It pops on your tongue, but five minutes later your taste buds are back to normal. We both ordered a beer off the small yet well stocked drink menu, and those drinks arrived exceptionally cold and tasty. We decided to share a little bit of each other’s entrees so we went with the vegan sandwich and Dr. Pepper braised pork sandwich on a pretzel bun. One came with sweet potato fries topped with a house blended spice mix that made them very unique. For the other we ordered a three cheese gratin (it had a cool hipster name I don’t remember.) Both sides were great. The pork sandwich was pleasantly sweet and the pretzel bun was nice and soft. If you know me I might owe you a new keyboard because you just spit your coffee up after hearing me admit I actually order something vegan. It was really good. It would have been great with a few slices of pastrami on top, like most vegan things I enjoy.

Our server was exceptional. He was on top of things and very pleasant to exchange conversation with. Everything came up promptly, hot, and exactly as ordered. The only downside I can possibly see is that it would only take 25 or so people to fill up the space. Good for them though!!! Check out 56 West ASAP I waited way too long. I’m sure I’ll be back again

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