Monday, March 14, 2011

Bubbles and Squeak

Due to the upcoming event this Thursday to celebrate the banishment of snakes from a small island in western Europe we here in Cleveland take to the streets spending large sums of money on anything green and coming to a point of alcohol intoxication that matches none other except when our beloved Browns take on the unanimously hated Steelers. Young women will swing around old white haired men who want little more than to finish their pints and move on like most other nights. Young men will look to fight the same mild mannered white haired older men for ‘hitting’ on their ladies….all the while drinking copious amounts of shit American beer and shots of Bushmills or Jameson, and that is decided on who put the biggest advertisement in the front window. If you are going to put in a proper session at a pub for bloody sake don’t attempt it this Thursday.

That being said come Friday and assuming you had the sane mind to save some of that rubbish corned beef and cabbage dinner that you ordered at 5pm just before passing out, Friday gives you a chance at redeeming yourself and preparing an ethnic gem. For those with a true hang over opt for the authentic Irish colcannon which is traditionally just mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale. For those looking for a challenge give the ‘overachieving’ British version a try. Without much of an effort, less passing out again you can put together a good batch of Bubble and Squeak in no time. The difference in the two is that the BS is composed of whatever is left over after a good beef, cabbage, potato and vegetable boil, while the Irish go out of their way to create a dish of cabbage and potatoes. That is not all. The Irish version is just a good mixing of two ingredients where the BS is more of a cooking method in which the mixture is browned in the pan adding a depth of flavor unique to the BS. I’ll give you my best recipe.

Bubble and Squeak

Everything left over from the past nights roast

In a mixing bowl mash up all the bits from the left over roast meat dinner while in a pan heat the butter to med-high and add the mashed up bits. When the bottom starts to caramelize flip it over, and once the bottom starts to caramelize again mix the whole thing up and repeat 3-4 more times. Grab a fresh pint, a few pickles and have at it.

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