Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guinness Mac & Cheese

With the upcoming celebration of a mass snake killing I’m putting forth my most thought out ‘Irish’ themed items. Let’s go with the supper hipster Mac & cheese. M&C is the culinary equivalent of tight jean'd black skateboarders in neon Nike’s speaking lyrics about tough times in the suburbs. Completely under the radar, but somehow it’s cool.

Guinness…I’m so hipster I’m not even going to lower myself to investigating it…you know what a search engine is so bing it out damn hipsters. Hopefully you won’t spill your $8 mucho grandee café’ NOT.

Guinness Mac and Cheese

Three pints of Guinness beer
One large teaspoon cornstarch
One quart heavy cream

One large onion diced
One pound thick sliced bacon
One cup of cheddar and whatever other cheeses you enjoy

One cup bread crumbs
A bit of herbs like thyme, parsley, basil, ect.

One pound cooked pasta

I totally wrote the recipe in a mixed up order because that is So Fucking Hipster! Wait a second while I reposition my bow tie over my flannel shirt and slick back my dome after laughing so hard at my statements. You guys owe me a new keyboard and grandee gaucho café because I’m so hip I spit my coffee all over my lap top…ok, ok, ok, enough is enough.

Cook the bacon till almost crispy, then caramelize the onion in this bacon/fat mixture. This is a great effect that allows the bacon to caramelize yet keep a chew factor instead of turning into ‘bits’ Add the beer and cornstarch. Reduce this mixture to about one cup, add the HC and bring to a boil reduce the heat and add the cheese. Toss with pasta and bake with breadcrumb/herb mixture on top.

I suggest having light American lager with this dish, maybe a Bud Light or a Miller High Life…NOT.


Anonymous said...

Did somebody say hipster?? Don't you know somebody with a tattoo of Guinness on their knee?! That is hipster...yah shhoooot.

Michael Walsh said...

I thought a Guiness tatoo'd knee was punk, all of a sudden it's 'hipster' If I ever catch you in tight jeans I'll do some waffle making with your shins, son!

Turn down the Lady Gaga, find a turn table and run on some old Black Flag 7 inchers....then your hipster, and unable to reproduce (thank god) cause of those tight jeans, bike riding, and uni-sexual personality. Are those your eyelashes or is that mascara you wore to the coffee bar at 11pm super cool mister Hipster dude?

And don't get we wrong about Black Flag cause I saw this youtube the other day where some pesky fuck was messing with Mr. Rollins so he jumped into the crowd and smashed the guy in the face like 18 times before anyone had a bloody clue what happened.....then the wounded zombie tried to get one stage and Mr. Rollins kicks him in the fucking face. If I ever look up 'punk' on wiki. This vidoe had better well be there.

Cheers, rise a pint, for me a smidwiks, and most likely for you bloody hipsters either a pinot grigio, overpriced bottled water from an island you couldn't find on a map, or a MGD 64...and that depends on whether it's your pilates day or you spinning day.

If your punk you don't give a fuck about tatoos, or who's got the least calories in their drink, or even what drink you have as long as you have one. You don't wanna know about mom&pops trust fund or a run at the 'club.' Most especially you don't have tight jeans or a retro t'shirt you paid $50 for.

You are punk if you think outside the box, have your own personality, think about things and come to rational conclusions even if they are not the most popular. Real punks don't fight the law unless it's unjust. Punks don't hate or dislike anyone unless they deserive it. Punks don't really want to be punk, they just are...Punks.

In the hallowed words of Mr. Biafro..."I fought the law and, the law won" Another way of putting it is in the words or Mr. Rollins with Black Flag, "Your one of them, I thought that your my friend, but your not. You're one of them." I think by 'them' he meant Hipster. LOL