Monday, March 28, 2011

Current Links of Interest

Every couple of months I stumple upon a few interesting links, but it seems silly to post about just one. Even if it is a really good one. I've accumulated a small batch that might be of interest. Ismail the Chef is a nice site with a chef's blog with a local connection. C2 Catering Concepts presents some interesting menu ideas and nice photos. Nutrition53 is the home to a line of performance enhancing products that have the support of both Bill Romanowski and Jim Rome. I haven't ordered anything yet, but I really want to try the Lean1. Tricks of the body puts forth some interesting remedies to common problems concering bodily functions. A fun read for sure. Best of French Food website is a very pleasantly put together area full of chef bios, recipies, and tricks to make all that fancy French stuff more approachable. FoodPairings provides two very worth while applications. First you have access to how you can replace one food with another. Second, as the name implies there are very intersting visual maps of which foods combine well together. GeneralLoko, or chef Eddie Huang out of NYC has a great blog that centers around food, but also provides ample access to the chef's opionions and musical interests. Ever wonder if the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition? Well if you did go here for a thorough investigation. Interested in some new music for you Ipod? I'm liking The Flies right now. Streaming music can be heard here.

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