Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Daddy's Cheessteaks

I took my first trip to Big Daddy’s Cheesesteaks recently with a to-go order intended to be a nice lunch with my mum. It turned out to be a great lunch, and not just cause it was with my mum. Jason Noyes has built something great in BDC. It’s in the Kamm’s Corner neiborhood of Cleveland. Not just in my personal opinion, but one of the best neiborhoods on the Cleveland west side. Rich in Irish themed places with a growing number of shot & beer kind of places the area is filled with hard working people who have carved out a stable, safe, functional neiborhood. The BDC is a great addition. It brings something new/unique to the street (Lorain) meaning there aren’t fake ass Guinness posters or Jameson ad’s in the window. This is where you find the good stuff!

We tried the Philly with Cuyahoga brown gravy, a simple Reuben and some horseradish-dijon slaw. Everything was awesome. We expected to save half of each sandwich for later and have a light lunch, but it was so good we ate everything in one sitting. The Philly was awesome; the bread was pleasant even after a few minute drive home. The gravy I was hesitant about, but it worked really well over the sandwich. I’m not a ‘French dip’ fan, but I’ll dip my sammy in BDC’s C-town gravy all day. The Reuben was equally impressive. Nice lean meat is something I like in a sandwich and this delivered. The sandwiches all came with a bit of slaw which would be perfect, but I wanted something different and the horsey-dijon slay was like my taste buds went to the county fair and made out with the bearded lady….. Yeah, that means it was good.

Ambiance, décor, service? Jason took my order, cooked my food, and chatted a bit all time about 8 minutes went by. That is service that even Mr. Trotter could appreciate. The product is superior from top to bottom.

Jason Noyes and Big Daddy Cheesesteaks will hopefully become a Kamm’s Corner institution!

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Michael Walsh said...

I went back a week later. Got another philly, a philly burrito, and a rib sammy. All very good once again.