Saturday, April 23, 2011

When a lack of resources is a resource!?!?!

I’ve had the great pleasure of looking into the crystal ball and seeing, well, something, or nothing. I mean what is the difference really? Any specific something could quite possibly be nothing. Likewise staring at nothing might well end up being something! It’s just too early to understand the whole thing.

I’ve dined on very exquisite food as of late. Let me think, grocery store fried chicken. It’s better than you think. Tomato soup out of the can taste a little….wait…. not a lot like ketchup and milk. The grilled cheese Sammy on the side is great! Papa John’s pizza is good, the more toppings the better. I stopped by K&K meats the other day. Salami, Bologna, and bread, now I’m good to go. I hit up the West Side Market, on Good Friday no less. Well they must have sold all the butter lambs, but what I did find is some lamb balls……yes, testacies, and I purchased just one. I’ll eat it today. Or that is the plan at least. Like tongue I enjoy eating it, but prepping it is the shit. I also had some pork shoulder chops in a rice and beans mix from the $ store. That shit was tasty.


Michael Walsh said...

We also had hot dogs. Those are tasty bites, with saurkraut none the less. Lips, assholes, and rotten cabbage, hip, hip, horray!

Anonymous said...

Or hip, hip, hipster! Haha! I am a fan of left over nachos. I truely enjoy day old soggy nachos. Even if you mix them with some eggs for the morning breakfast! It reminds me of Chilaquiles a mexican dish, a casserole, made with simmered tomato sauce or salsa poured over fried corn torilla chips and cheese. One of my favorite mexican dishes. Truely decadent, so many different ways you can prepare it. I once acquired the nick name Chilaquil by a bunch of mexicans in a restaurant kitchen. Being as that, that would be the dish that I would create for staff meal when it was my turn to cook for the staff.