Saturday, April 30, 2011

Increasing Food Costs

It seemed like the cost of everything was going up as I paged through some invoices at work recently, then I went to the grocery store! Wow.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer presented an interesting read on exactly how mush things have changed recently and what local stores and customers are doing to deal with it.


Charlene said...

I use a very strict list of food which I buy once a month and have delivered from online shopping. I have a monthly food budget of $300 and I use coupons and watch sales faithfully. This stops all impulse buying, which use to be a major factor.

There are definitely rising food prices and mostly is highly processed and packaged food more than meat and produce that is not processed. This year I've subscribed to a CSA and will get my monthly product purchases that way.

Michael Walsh said...

Great points Charlene. Everyone can take it upon themselves to lessen the sticker shock these days. I think every reasonable person understands that the cost of things will inevetably increase. Unfortunatly in the recant past the cost of things has increased in a very alarming dis-proptionat manner to the every-man's income level. If we all got a raise at work we wouldn't mind spending more on food and gas.

The best we can do is manage to the best of our ability.

Thanks for the feedback.

Michael Walsh said...

Are you people kidding me?