Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Efforts in Sustainability

What happened to Moopheus after being kidnapped in Meatrix 2? What really goes on in meat processing facilities? And what can you do?

Answers to these questions, plus plenty of Meatrix action and excitement, can be found online at

Produced by Sustainable Table and Free Range Studios for Participant Productions, The Meatrix 2.5 has been launched to educate consumers about problems at processing facilities and to help promote the social action campaign surrounding the Fast Food Nation movie being released by Participant Productions and Fox Searchlight on November 17th.

Developed by Participant Productions and found at, the first action in the campaign is to encourage consumers to eat more sustainable animal products by visiting the Eat Well Guide - – our online directory of sustainably raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs.


Rachel said...

I noticed you have a link to the Sustainable Table website on your links list. I found this article with them a few weeks ago and really found it interesting. I would be interested in your thoughts:

Michael Walsh said...

I read that link thouroghly and i have to say i agree with what they are saying. The Chefs Garden has a trademark statement, "growing vegetables slowly and gently in accord with nature" as well as, "sustanability-beyond organic" I think they have the right idea. Although shipping microgreens from Ohio to The French Laundry seems a bit out of touch, or they must have the best product available. I think when "organic" was defined by our beurocrats, not hippies, the whole idea was destroyed. I love the idea of sustainability, because i can apply it to the restaurant as well, for instance i have to purchase product that is sourced from further away in the winter in order to sustain the lack of available product compared to the demand for product.