Thursday, November 02, 2006

Private Menu for Nestle

1st course: Parsnip soup with apple foam, bacon wrapped shrimp, fried pickles

2nd course: Seared La Bella farms foie gras, truffle pound cake, bourbon-apple butter, raw pomagranite

3rd course: Petite raw bar: stone crab claw on spinach and crab kim chi, raw blue point oyster topped with horseradish and beet puree, tuna tartar in a pomelo dressing

4th course: Slow roasted Cervena Venison rack encrusted with fennel pollen and seeds, butternut squash puree, butterscotch chestnuts, cold poached cranberries

5th course: Cheese Plate: Parmasean and truffle honey ‘rillettes’, Lake Erie Creamery goat cheese fondue, seven year aged chedder baked with grilled carrots and bacon

6th course: Fall Squash dessert: Butternut squash cake, squash mousse, crispy squash, frangelico beurre blanc

I created the tasting menu above, and it was served to 20 international guests of Nestle Corperation at Fahrenheit Restaurant on Thursday Novermber 2, 2006.

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