Monday, January 12, 2009

I'll take mine on the rocks, even in the snow.

I'm suprised so see that such a large percentage of people enjoy warm alcoholic drinks. I'm sure the 8 inches of snow make the ideas of a warm beverage and a stiff cocktail equally desirable. Personally, I can't stand to drink, or even smell so much as a Baily's and Coffee drink. I have the upleasant experience at work to heat up cognac for customers an a regular basis. It reminds of of pumping gasoline on a very hot and humid summer day. It's as though I can feel the vapors snake into the pit of my stomach. A small sip of a coffee drink makes me think of an oil slick, or a burning river. I find the smell of a fresh sharpie, or some modeling glue more enjoyable. So be it then, I'm glad to be in the minority on this opinionated poll. Feel safe leaving your warm drinks around me, I'm not gonna touch it! other than to move it a little further away.


Scott Sebastian said...

No hot drinks for me. If you look carefully in the lower left corner of my current blog title photo you'll see my drink of choice always at the ready. (And a very nice sujihiki right behind it.)

Michael Walsh said...

That's great scott, i've pondered that pic a few times, and one of the first things i noticed was that martini glass just barely in the picture? Funny stuff, really i was thinking about commenting on it, but i was like, "what if that is a drink for somebody who wasn't supposed to have it?" lol.

Scott Sebastian said...

It was NYE after all.