Saturday, January 31, 2009

A moving target

I’ve pleased myself happy with my ability to control my emotions through the opening of the BRC dinner scene. I’ve taken everything in stride. I’ve been able to laugh off a lot of things that would have drove me mad in the past. There was a rose bush, and I stopped to smell it. I’ve been able to relish in the apperant chaos around me. There have been ups and downs, inside and out, those that involved me and those that haven’t, but it’s been a fun coaster to ride. Unlike some of my collegues and some of my own thoughts recently… I can wait until things get back to normal. The un-normality of things has been a good time.

Unfortunately, soon enough things will get bogged down and repetitious. My new goal is to rejuvenate myself in times of monotony with memories of how much got accomplished during these times of un-ease. In the future, when the days turn into weeks, and every day is another groundhog day, I hope to push myself though the drudgery by ways of harder work, and a dedication to excellence. I’ve found myself in the recent past telling myself, “this is fun,” and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.


Scott Sebastian said...

Congrats on the opening. It's good to see restaurants opening and expanding hours in these questionable times.

Scott Sebastian said...

P.S. Surprised about the rabbit being a top seller.