Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow drift, I don't care about no stinken snow drift!

Finally, I’ve made it to the Bistro on Lincoln Park. Forest and I arrived just as the snow storm ended on this lonely Tuesday night in the restaurant business. Between the two of us we knew everyone there, shoot even the couple that sat at the bar next to us was friendly enough to be considered part of the family. We only ordered two happy hour dishes, both of which where very well executed. The croque monsieur was exceptional. The fennel on that dish was very well prepared, succulent, yet firm. Very well done. The lamb sliders where very hardy, and a filling dish for $5. Our new friends at the bar where close to orgasmic over the black bean cake and the polenta! We enjoyed an amuse bouche of salmon in savoy cabbage topped with horseradish cream and cucumber. The flavors of this single bite lead me to believe great things are ready to come out of this kitchen. It’s inspiring to see the menu has stayed as ambitious as when the doors first opened, and to hear from Pete that making ketchup, and baking bread are things the kitchen has been able to perfect beyond what is available off a semi-truck is very encouraging. I’m very much looking forward to my next BLP experience.

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