Saturday, August 25, 2007

And That Idea Falls Flat on It's Face

Well, I started the weekend with some specials.....looks like I'll end the weekend with some as well. The chicken thigh with mole sauce sold one time, four if you count the employee meals. The shrimp and corn custard bombed. It wasn't all that busy, we lost water pressure, one induction burner, and one convection oven so it was a crazy night. I baked the shrimp with bacon, fennel and orange in parchment, (En Pappioutte), and no one really understood that idea. The staff responded well to the items, said they liked them, but didn't come through with the sell. We will keep trying.


rockandroller said...

Hi Michael, rockandroller from over on Michelle's blog. My co-workers want to check out Zocalo for happy hour on Thursday 9/6. I'm trying to encourage them to go to Wonder Bar instead, or at least in addition to Zocalo, as it would be my first trip there and I've been curious about the place from reading your blog. I'll stop in and introduce myself even if I can't get the group in, wanted to give you a heads up.

Michael Walsh said...

Sounds great, i'm looking forward to meeting you. We are putting together some happy hour special food snacks and drink pricing by the end of the week if that is any more incentive. Have fun

rockandroller said...

It definitely is enticing, especially since I haven't heard the greatest things about Zocalo yet, though of course I hope they do well.