Monday, August 06, 2007

Opening party

With only 2 hours before our first guest arrived I was able to step away as my first line cook took control, to snap this shot of a resturant that looked in no way shape to open. But we pulled through, Suzanne, Vince, and the staff did a wonderful job pulling everything together. The attendees where very pleased.

I couldn't pass up this post of my dad, nothing loosens up the camera ego like a few beers and a large crowd, although the hands sign says, "stay back, I know I'll regret this."

The band plays a cool six inches away from the kitchen, so we get some mucical vibes, and get to check out their tools. In all honesty, they seem equally interested in what we do, which is really cool. Tonight we had a sax, a bass, and the piano.

Introducing, Joe Blanda. See, evan though I took this pic, I can see on his face, "why are there 5 trays of hor's derves, and not one lousy server to pick them up?" I was thinking the same thing..... so I bust through the cowboy doors, and starting setting plates of food about the dining room, and people loved it.

The opening party went smooth. There are alot of tweeks to work out with running the actual menu, so those are the growing pains. We must have seen 300 people or so, so it's a good start. Tomorow, they all pay, as a result we all get a paycheck, as the world turns!!!
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