Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poll Results are in.....

Small plates takes the poll by a large margin. I’m still a bit perplexed by the whole small plates theme. I understand what an appetizer is when compared to an entree, but I’m confused about what a small plate it an appetizer, is it a small portion of an entree, is it meant to be shared, how much do they cost, should they compromise a whole meal or meant to be snacks??? I’ve asked different people a lot of these same questions and everyone seems to have their own ideas.

With a whole 2 weeks under my belt dealing with small plates this is what I’ve learned. Customers will never be happy with portions sizes/prices. People will order small plates in courses just like off a traditional menu. Comforting, familiar foods will be most popular no matter how small, inexpensive, and creative other options are.

Cheers to small plates!


cuisinier said...

Michael, in my humble opinion, I think you did answer that question is all of those. They are apps, small entrees, shared or not, a starter snack or a smaller part of the greater good of the whole. They are many things to many people, and that is what you came up with and that is what they are. They are also what you want them to be at your restaurant. Design them as you see fit. As for the cost...figure out what each takes you to plate and then offer your mark up that fits your business model. It always helps to have some variety of price, as well as a base threshold so that folks can choose, and yet you still can somewhat control your check average. Good luck. Bill

Michael Walsh said...

thank bill, i guess i was hoping for an easy answer. I plan to take charge from here on out, and make my vision of small plates what is sucessful at Wonder Bar instead of asking people what they expect. I did my research, and found out what i wanted, now it's time to move forward, quickly at that.