Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another Day of Change

Our new sign adds to the sights on E. 4 st. It seems to be working as 3 people walked in the front door asking if we where open, even with the brown paper covering the giant front window.

I couldn't help but snap this pick of the huge mirror which represents about half the length of the bar. A few liquor bottles, a few pint glasses of brew and we are in the money

I'm sure your wondering what this picture is doing here, stupid robo-coup and a latter. No, look closely, it an air conditioning vent....pointed right down into the kitchen, freshly installed!!! Vince the owner walked into my little kitchen area, grabbed a paper towel and exclaimed, "it's hot back here, we should do something," from my past experiance, it wasn't all that unplesant. Ten minutes later, after some pointing at the wall and the such a construction guy gets a latter, a tape measure, and a saw...the rest is history, beautiful history.

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes and good luck. I think luck has little to do with things, most of life is what we make it but a bit of luck can't hurt!

I can't wait to check out Wonderbar!

Will there be live jazz?


Michael Walsh said...

We have a beautiful grand piano in the resturant already, and the plan is to have music of some sort on a nightly basis.