Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lost on the Job

It's been a few days. I've been lost in my work. It is taking a little getting used to with the shift in hours that I'm working. My day has shifted about 3 hours later in the day. When I used to leave at 10pm, I'm now leaving at 12:30 or so. I just have to convince myselft to wake up a few hours later. Not to mention I didn't work for about 3 weeks, and have done 16 straight days.

This is a close up of our grilled shrimp with romonesco sauce and grilled scallions. It's not just the hours, but the photo capabilites that are challanging. I don't have much lighting to work with, and the flash tends to ruin close-ups. I will figure things out for the better as soon as possible.

The basis for alot of good, wholesome, flavorful cooking is roasted garlic, and this is a close up of some beautiful golden cloves soaking in Zoe EVOO. Chances are there is roasted garlic, or oil in most dishes. This is how we store it, at room temp, in a plastic quart conatainer, it looks nice too, for a kitchen.

This is a very interesting view of the late night glow at the Wonder Bar. At this point the music was just ready to start. Cedric plays the stand up bass, with calluces the size of lima beans, tuesday thru saturday. Jerome hits the keys early in the week, the music is a hits the spot, and the food don't suck either. Come in for some jazz 9 till 12 and a few small plates.
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