Friday, March 27, 2009

Food Processor Poll Results

So, you haven’t used that food processor since the day it came out of the box. All the pieces, the cord, the lack of counter space means it gets shoved into a cupboard and as infrequently as it gets used only a few weeks down the road it’s pressed to the back wall with 12 or so more important things in front of it. Sound familiar to me. In the restaurant the food processor is a very useful piece of equipment that helps us blaze through prep, keeps other areas of the kitchen clean, and creates uniform cuts, chops, shreds, or purees. My plan of attack with the food processor, even at work, is to group 2 or more things together that require the equipment so I’m not pulling out and putting away all the pieces multiple times. This would make even more sense at home. I’ve gone ahead and looked at two other ways to make our time in the kitchen more pleasant.

The top-rated Bosch SHX98M09UC dishwasher might not have an easy name to remember, but it is the best option on the market right now according to consumer search website. At a cool $1,500, it truly is a luxury, but boosts to be the quietest, and most energy efficient model available. No more, “clank, clank, clank” of the dishwasher. You’re not going to save money on the energy efficiency since you’ll be buying the more expensive earth friendly soap, but rest assured the environment thanks you.

The first wireless powering system to market is an inductive device. It looks like a mouse pad and can send power through the air, over a distance of up to a few inches. A powered coil inside that pad creates a magnetic field, which induces current to flow through a small secondary coil that's built into any portable device, like a food processor. No cord! Just pull that lug out of the cabinet and set it somewhere on the counter where there is a wireless delivery system installed. This technology is really fascinating, and I’m sure you can find better information about it here.

So with these three ‘small’ adjustments to the kitchen environment our food processor problem has all but solved itself. We have the best dishwasher to clean all those parts, and a wireless power system means no cords, since we group projects together the food processor becomes less of a burden thus living closer to the cabinet door making it even easier to access. Problem…problem solved.

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