Monday, March 16, 2009

Market Research

I went shopping at a neighborhood grocery store that is unfortunately going out of business in the very near future and they offered what was left on the shelves at a massive %50 price reduction. I understand this has been the situation for the past few days, and I was warned not to expect much left. I was able to find some deals for myself, and the restaurant. Fortunate for me there were some weird pasta shapes, dried morel mushrooms, artisanal sodas, and European butter all instantly made affordable, yet hidden in plain sight to the average shopper. What I found even more interesting than how bare the shelves had been picked is what exactly was left behind. Either it was not at all wanted, or still over priced at %50 off! So, what was left after I skimmed the last of the gourmet items from the shelves?

Those fancy looking jams, jellies, chutney, mustards and marinades that cost no less than $7 a piece…still overpriced!

Chitterlings, pig intestines for those who don’t know, 5 tubs left, the only thing in the freezer.

Pumpkin Pie, a variety of brands, but I guess we buy one pumpkin pie a year, during the third week in November, coat it with ‘whipped topping’ and decide it’s not worth having again until next year.

Dried spices were plentiful. If they aren’t overpriced, then they are over rated, either way, they are still sitting on the shelf.

Fresh vegetables; there was a case of beautiful Belgian endive; a generous amount of kohlrabi, and a few bunches of parsley root.

So what does this say? I guess if you own a grocery store these are the items you should immediately stop ordering and pray that you actually sell the stock before you close too. On the other hand we can get a nice winter meal of spiced and marinated pig intestines over braised endive, a kohlrabi slaw, and a pumpkin pie for dessert! Or not.

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