Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekly Specials

This week we tweaked a few sides on our standard menu. We added smashed English peas and truffle-soy vinaigrette to the scallop app, and cauliflower with the chicken. Lastly we introduced a baked meatball dish in place of a braised beef item. I saw Daniel Boulud prepare what he called, “Danish Meatballs” and was inspired to try the combinations myself. The meatballs are all locally raised organic beef with a heavy hand of nutmeg and onion. We set them in a bad of buttermilk whipped potatoes, top everything with caramelized onions that are cooked down to a semi-liquefied state, and finally bake the whole thing topped with gouda cheese. The response has been very good.

As for our chalk board specials;

Appetizer: Creamy parmesan herb polenta with English peas, truffle oil, and aged balsamic

Fish: Seared Rainbow trout, roasted root vegetables, morel mushroom cream.

Entrée: Caramelized Diver Scallops, wild rice, creamed Brussels sprouts with pine nuts.

Entrée 2: Grilled Pork chop cut from local, organic, pasture raised pork with sweet potato fried, Swiss chard, and tomato-fennel confit.

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DianeS said...

Oh my gosh, it all sounds so good especially the meatballs and the trout with morel mushroom cream.

And, who doesn't love English/spring peas?!?! I wish I could get my hands on some right now.