Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poll results

I can't agree more with how the poll results turned out. The top four I can completely agree on. I am suprised no a single vote for Hosea who is fresh on our minds, but even more so we bored of him only weeks after his triumph. On the same note, last seasons winner Stephanie pulled little attention. I have to say I really enjoyed Marcel and Miguel on the show, and would visit each of their restaurants respectivly soley based on their personality on Top Chef, where the top four of the poll I would, and I'm assuming those who voted would enjoy those restaurants for the chef's vision and passion.

I took the time to link the top four chefs, enjoy.

Richard Blais has Home in Atlanta.

Harold head Perilla in New York.

Fabio has his hands full at Cafe Firenze in California.

Faithfull Judge Tom is busy these day, but is still grounded at Craft in New York.


Chicken Fried Gourmet said...

I dont think Blais is still affliated with HOME. I think he left to concentrate on FLIP, I might be wrong though.

Dine O Mite said...

Besides Richard (which is who I voted for), I'd be interested in going to a restaurant run by Hung Huynh. Even though he has many "dick-like" qualities, I respect a person that is into their craft like he is. I think Richard is cut from the same cloth (he is just a lot more modest).

Michael Walsh said...

CFG you are most likely right about Blais's affiliations. I didn't notice his name anywhere on the HOME website which I found wierd.

As for Hung, I think he was a great contestant, but at the time he seemed to lack the air of confidance alot of the other top chef's had that kinda propelled them out into the real world once the show was over. He did come across as a wholesome character though, as far as i can remember.

RAHiggins1 said...

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