Friday, March 06, 2009

Weekly Specials

It's been a long time since a "weekly specials" post, and I didn't intend to do one tonight, but we must have sold 50% specials this friday night. I thought such a thing must interest some people so I'll have to post it. Things went so well, and prep is so deplenished that things will be different tomorrow so no photo is available, we will have to use our imagination.

Artic Char served over fennel-oliver mashers with carmalized cippollini onions, brusssel sprouts in a broken lemon-balsamic vinagrette topped with fried leeks

Creamy Seafood pasta; Cavatelli pasta served with shrimp, scallops, smoked salmon, de-shelled mussels, fennel, and vegetables braised in cream with spinach and diced tomato.

I'm pretty sure tomorrow will have Artic Char over cavatelli pasta with cippollini onions, tomatoes, anchovies and chili flakes topped with pickled onion.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your weekly specials posts. I'm looking forward to coming back to the Cafe for dinner. I've only been a couple times for breakfast. It's a long drive from the east side of Cleveland. I'm actually thinking about doing it again tomorrow.

Is there any thought being given to offering regular breakfast and lunch specials? That would get me in the car more regularly.

How about a website?

Michael Walsh said...

Thanks for your comments Stuart. I have not been as enthusiastic about Weekly Specials post as I was in the begining. I will try to keep up with it.

Oberlin is a long drive, especially from the eastside, maybe there is something else of interest in Oberlin to make the trip more worth the while.

Bussiness is good I have to say. Breakfast and lunch are booming, and dinner has caught on nicely. This seems to go against the trend currently, but lunch specials and a website are things that may evolve, but aren't needed to fill the seats.

I posted a copy of the cafe dinner menu a while back if you want to get an idea of our dinner offerings.