Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Plates

Here is a review of new spring menu additions. The bounty of spring is about to erupt in kitchens all across the mid-west. My personal goal is to improve on all my personal favorites this year, creating dishes that in some cases more simply convey a specific ingrediant. While exploring ways to manipulate simple ingrediants into complex forms and textures.

Tempur Smoked Quail with Jalapeno
Plum Sauce

Sorell glazed Black Grouper with braised Belian Endive,
Sweet Potato Gnocchi, topped with Chef's Garden ultra Watercress

Pan-Fried Maine Lobster Tail, warm
Potato Salad, Arugula, Citrus Vinagraitte

Udon noodle wrapped Shrimp, Shaved Celery
Sakio Miso dressing

Hand Made Egg Parpadelle Pasta with
Pork Shoulder Confit, Escerole, Roasted
Garlic, and topped with Cabralles Blue Cheese

Seared Diver Scallops with Avacado-English Pea Profiteroles, and Savory Rhubarb Toast Points

Seared 'big eye' east coast Tuna, Stir-fired rice, Green Curry sauce topped with Chef's Garden Asian Greens

Grilled Organic Lamb Loin, over Feta-English Pea Risotto, topped with a Sundried Tomato and Olive relish

This is a freshly opened box of Chef's Garden Asian Greens. The greens come in little tiny heads, and have a ton of flavor. There is a mustard greeen in there that packs some serious heat for a leaf of lettuce. Opening Chef's Garden boxes is always exciting, it's like opening a gift on Christmas with all the care that goes into the packing. The Produce, especially greens, lettuces, and micro-greens are far superior to anything available from anyone in the country.

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