Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Pics

These are English Pea profiteroles and bread sticks that will be used in this week-ends specials. They are about 3/4 of the way done in our stone pizza oven.

This is a pan of braised Bacon, that I large diced and sautee to rewarm.

This is where we use the Braised Bacon. This was one of our Amuse for the night.
Braised bacon and lobster surf and turf with spring peas,
camalized banana and spicy strawberry sauce, garnished
with Chef's Garden cucumber bloom, and smoked salt.

This giant plate of food was thursdays family meal at the restaurant. Grilled filet of beef, marinated shrimp, and Chef's Garden Potato-bacon hash. Shoot, I was so happy a drizzled the whole mess with some truffle oil, fleur de sel, and Chef's Garden Salad Sensation. My staff does such a wonderful job!!!

This is just a lonely corner of our pantry station.
I've always thought the number of squeeze bottles in
a restaurant to be somehow justify the snobbyness of it's food.

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