Saturday, March 31, 2007

Swiss Chard Ravioli

Swiss Chard Ravioli

1 cup Swiss Chard
1/4 cup Parmasean Cheese
1 onion diced
1/2 cup toasted pine nuts
1 tsp Worchestershire
Salt and Pepper

Pasta Dough
3 cups cake flour
2 cups all-purpose flour
8 egg yolks
2 tsp Evoo
1 tblsp Salt
1 cup water

For the filling, sautee the onion till golden brown in a minimal amount of batter. Add the Chard over the onions, after this wilts down a bit, then add the rest of the ingrediants and cook on a low temperature till the mixture is no longer wet.

For the dough, scale all the ingrediants into a Kitchen-Aid with a dough hook, and let her-rip for about 8 minutes taking care to make sure the mixer stays on the table, and the dough forms a dry, hard ball. This can be done by hand as well. If you are lucky enough to have a Kitchen-aid and the pasta rolling attachement then you are in fact, well, lucky. Roll the dough out to #5 thickness, lay out a sheet, egg wash the whole thing, place 1 teaspoon portions of filling in two rows about an inch apart, carefully place a sheet of pasta over the filling taking care to press the dough down as you lay the dough over each column of filling. Press the pasta sheets together around the filling and cut the ravioli, at this point we could use a fluted ravioli cutter, a round biscut cutter, or a knife.

If like most people I know you don't have a pasta sheeter, or a Kitchen-Aid for that matter, and you formed the pasta dough by hand god bless you! Because I would have went to the Ohio City Pasta stall at the West Side Market and purchased a few sheets of pasta. Fortunatly for the brave hand rolled pasta fanatic, I find it simpler to roll out small cirles of pasta individualy instead of a long sheet. This way I roll out small circles, egg wash them, put in the filling, then fold them over to make a pillow, or agnolotti shape.

Cooking the Ravioli is easy since there is no egg or raw meat inside the filling, it only takes 3 minutes or so in salted, boiling water for the pasta to cook. The fresh pasta is quite durable, and the uncooked ravioli can last around 3 days till the pasta starts to change colors and break down.

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