Thursday, May 03, 2007

Creative Time

The pace at the restaurant has allowed for some creative culinary creations and time to photo them. Two intersting dishes this week are pictured here. I found the recipie for the Meyer lemon skillet cake at, if you haven't visited this blog, you should. It is one of my favorites.

To finish we offered this Meyer lemon skillet cake with Meyer lemon curd, grilled Strawberrys with truffle honey, garnish with Chef's Garden Mico Citrus Herbs, and Vanilla infused Sea Salt.

As a traditional amuse it was a Grilled Lamb Loin with Curry Cauliflower Fregola Sarda Cous-Cous, English Peas, Raisons, and Fried Capers drizzled with Chervil Oil and Fleur de Sel.The cous-cous worked out well, I warmed the pre-cooked cous-cous with butter, puree of cauliflower that already had curry madras, english peas, and our house blend pizza cheese. The texture was suprisingly light, yet had great cauliflower flavor with sublte curry background. The addition of raisons and capers seemed almost cliche, but worked well.


Dana said...

Look at that skillet cake all dressed up! what a great use of the recipe, I love it! How did you make it so small? Individual molds, or stamped with a ring cutter?

Dana said...

PS... if you want, I posted many of the recipes that worked well for me in a professional kitchen on my old blog, Just dig through the archives.

Michael Walsh said...

Thanks for sharing recipies, it's great when you can find something you know will work. As for the skillet cake i used a ring mold, but i saved the scraps, diced them up mixed with some curd and whip cream, served it in individual spoons and called it a lemon bread pudding. It turned out so well i couldn't bear to throw any away