Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Visiting Velocity Bistro

On my day off today I stopped in at the crisp, newly re-opened Velocity Bistro. A fire shut down operations last year after a strong opening. Fortunately a lot of familiar faces, and menu items remain unchanged. The patio is quite nice, there is just enough traffic, just far enough away that there is a feeling of energy, yet you feel like you left rush hour behind. The biggest difference at first site is that the smaller side room has been brightened up, and looks like an equally inviting place to dine, where in the past it’s been something of cast off room isolated from the action.

I had a wonderful Mojito. I was craving one, and this version was straight forward and honest. For a started I tasted the Lobster Potato Skins. While the whole thing came out piping hot, only the smaller potatoes where cooked through, and lobster could have spent a few less minutes in the oven. The imagination of the dish saved it, along with the strong bacon-goat cheese flavors. Next I indulged in the Fried Bologna Stromboli, with fried egg, caramelized onion, and borsin sauce. The whole thing just felt dirty.....in a good way. The dough was nicely developed and plump with a crisp crust. The meat was flavorful, and the sauce added up to a meal that put’s my Bologna and mustard sandwich to shame.

The staff was very friendly, yet professional. Some servers seems drastically more polished than others, but at least everyone was pleasant. I watched the patio fill up right around 6pm, which is very promising for a first day back.

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