Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekly Specials

Two sides of prized Copper River King Salmon, about 22 pounds

Special Appetizer with Chef's Garden Asparagus, Radish, and Popcorn shoots, along with a dill cream and boiled egg

Crispy Soft Shell over grilled Hallumi and melon salad, with basil aioli

Pan Seared Copper River Salmon, braised green cabbage, pork confit, and sweet potatoes in a maple demi-glace garnish with pickled cherries and Chef's Garden pea tendrials
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cuisinier said...

Hey Michael, good post! Food looks good. Good to see you are getting some Copper River Salmon. I bet is uber-expensive in Ohio! Way too much for the product. It is great fish, but come on...give me freakin break. I will keep checking out the site. Chef's Garden has some awesome squash blooms right now. Very cool for stuffing. Check them out.

Michael Walsh said...

thanks for visiting the blog, the copper river sells faster that you can imagine, no matter what we charge for it, its' amazing, i would rather have a soft shell, morell, or fiddle head myself, but it's not about me, it's about what the people will buy. As for the squash blossomes, i love them, i think they are great, and they seem to get bigger every year, but in cleveland it's a hard sell unless it's deep fried, and i just can't bring myself to put such a wonderful specimen to death in the deep fryer. I've used them in an omlette (my favorite) stuffed and steamed them, and sautee them but they don't sell??? and advice, i would love use them. I've been beating the Chef's garden local asparagus into the ground, i hope you have got some, it is the best, the only green asparagus i willingly use all year.

Rachel said...

Michael, it is only 7:43 am and your pictures are making me hungry for dinner. Congratulations on the new look to your site -- the photos are fabulous! What type of mushrooms are with the asparagus up top? I have to admit, I missed my favorite two weeks of the year in Ohio this year -- morel-hunting season!

Anonymous said...

they look like wine cap and oyster mushrooms

Rachel said...

oooooh-- I was able to get my hands on some copper river salmon and had it last night with a asparagus/marzcapone "casserole" and some beautiful new potatoes. Peach pie for dessert -- it is a great stone-fruit year this year. Thanks for the inspiration, Michael!