Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pizza Dough

I have recently started making pizza dough by hand at the restaurant. It takes two batches on the week-end, and that's alot of elbow grease. Due to the batch size, and heavy duty mixer usually implemented to do this type of task it never occured that I might share this recipie. After a few weeks going it the old school way, I'm realizing that everyone should give it a try. This recipie is directly scaled down from my 12 pound batch size, so if things are loose don't hold back in tossing in more flour.
6 cups AP Flour
2 cups warm Water
1/2 oz Yeast
1/2 oz Honey
1 tblsp Salt
1 tblsp EVOO
Disolve honey in warm water then add yeast, letting this mixture rest for 10 minutes. Measure out the rest of the ingrediants into a bowl and incorperate the water mixture. Using your hands mix this mass untill a fluid ball forms, then turn this dough out onto a table. Kneed the dough for about 10 minutes, I usually measure this by 3 songs on the radio. When you first start to kneed the dough will break and pull apart, after some time the dough will streach, and pull back on itself, this is what we want. Take the kneeded dough and place it in a oiled bowl and top this with a cloth soaked with warm water. The dough will grow, and when it is about doubled in size it is ready to portion. For a thin crust divide the dough into 6 pieces, for a thicker crust try only 4 portions. Take each divided piece, and using your hand as a cage, roll the dough ball around on the table top where the dough becomes tight, and uniformly round. At this point let the dough rest under a wet towl for another 10 minutes. At that point we can roll it out flat, top it with cheese and call it a pizza.


cuisinier said...

Hi Michael, nice blog. I will get deeper into it soon. I will also try out the pizza dough recipe. I realized that Fresh and Wild no longer, or perhaps never had a web site. They are lookign into gewtting one launched soon, but not yet. Our rep's name is Laura amd her number is 1.800.222.5578. Call her and she can place you on a weekly fax program if you want. Bill

Anonymous said...

which kitchen do you work? I'd love to try some of your dough.

Michael Walsh said...

In which kitchen do i work is a question that you would think has a simple answer, but not so. I began this blog as a toatally self centered, self serving, self absorbed portal to display my very own personal culinary creations, viewpoints, and reviews. In absolutly no way do the viewpoints, creations or reviews reflect those of my employeer or place of employment, and i have not allowed anyone elses viewpoint, creations or reviews to be added to this blog. It would be very unfair to judge my place of employment as a result of any posts on this blog, whether they are posative or negative. That being said, I work at Fahrenheit in Treamont, and I am very proud of the food that we produce out of that kitchen. At Fahrenheit I am part of a team, on the blog I am an individual. Thank you very much for you interest.