Sunday, May 27, 2007

The evolution of a dessert

I'm a big fan of the website, mielleur du chef, they have a long list of trustworthy recipies and a very convenient metric to american calculator. I found a Potato Brioche recipie there, but at the time I had alot of sweet potatoes so i did an even swap and the recipie worked out well. I played with that recipie in conjuction with a foie gras dish, but in the long run, I just had a whole lot of sweet potatoes. Finally I decided to make the bread decidedly sweet, doubling the sugar, and display it more like a cake. This is how things unfolded. I sandwiched the bread with a coconut-sweetpotato mousse, and topped it with a butterscotch pudding, and i grabed that recipie from the

These little molds where cute, but i ened up using a hotel pan so I could cook about 4 times as much in the same time.

Sweet Potato Brioche
3 # each sweet potato puree, and ap flour
4 oz butter
8 oz powder sugar
4 oz brown sugar
2 oz yeast in 1/4 cup water
salt, ginger/pepper optional

First off the sweet potatoes need to be baked, skinnned, and pureed. Then we need to get the yeast going with the water, melt the butter, and mix everything together. The dough is very wet, but if you let it be it will rise, I let it go about 45 minutes, then divide it into pans and let it rise another 45 minutes, finally cooking at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes

Sweet Potato-Coconut Mousse
8 oz sweet potato puree
8 oz can coconut milk
1 quart whipped cream
9 sheets of geletin softened in 8 oz coconut rum

I took rome temperature puree and coconut milk and mixed them, seasoned with salt, and maybe sugar. Seperatly whipped the cream. and Heated the run over low heat until the softned geletin disolved, then mixed that with the sweet potato. Once this mixture was established, add the whipped cream untill a light, yet full flavor mousse is accomplished.
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