Friday, July 20, 2007

Chef's Garden 2007 Chef Summit 1

The Chef's Garden invited myself, another 200 or so chef's and food professionals to the Culinary Vegetable Institute in order to learn about the farm, and share ideas about CG products. The day could not have been more plesant, breezy, sunny, a good day to spend on a farm. Thankfully Aaron, a previous co-worker and current CIA Napa student was able to join me.
Upon arrival we where invited to explore the CVI, and the amazingly modern and beautiful kithchen. Chef's where at work preparing lunch as pictured here in the high polished paradise kitchen.

Even the exust was a plesant site. Pictured from above the kitchen was a buzz with chef's hustling CG products about like toys at on orphanage.
The beauty of the polished kithen is quite a contrast to the blond wood cabin feel in the rest of the space. The dark library was absolutly amazing holding volumes of recipies that approached infinate. The structure of the ceiling pictured here gives you a good idea of how well constructed and contrasting the space is.
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