Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nearing a Beginging

Tonight marked the first night at the Wonder Bar where people where served food developed in out kitchen. As you can see the space in by no means complete, but we wanted to get some of the very closest friends of the Wonder Bar in to get a feel for things. Our projected, and from what i can see realistic opening date is now August 6th. I can't wait to get the first rush of people in, there has been so much planning, so much testing, I'm ready to dive in and get started.

This is my new home. I have two induction burners, a 1/2 sized shelf double decker convection oven, and a pannini grill. No fryer, no grill, and I'm rather happy about that. Tonight went smooth, but we realized none of the plugs in the kithcen where capable of having 2 appliances pluged in at the same time!?!?!?!

The most frustrating thing right now is that nothing in the kitchen has a home. I don't know where to look for somehting, say a pair of tongs, likewise after I wash a spoon, I'm not quite sure where to put it so I know where it is later. We will have to find places for these misfits, a shelf, a hook, a hole?
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cuisinier said...

hey michael, congrats on getting up and running! Looks cool. If I get to your neck of the woods, I will definitely stop in. The chef's G. summit sounded very awesome. I was trying to make it, but had many other things to work on. We are in the middel of canning, charcuterie, vinegar production etc. Summer is great isn't it?!? Best, Bill

cuisinier said...

Hi Michael, hey, just clicked on the link to my site (cuisinierskitchen)and noticed that ti does not work. After looking at it, it is mispelled. It is

thought you would want to know. thanks, bill