Friday, July 20, 2007

Chef's Garden 2007 Chef Summit 4

After our tour we where treated to a wonderful lunch of CG greens, roasted carrots and potatoes, and salmon. Luckily we didn't over indulge because we visited a display of every CG product available, asked to taste as much as we could, and vote with a blue ribbon on our favorite. Aaron voted for the heirloom tomato, I voted for an experimental product not yet in full production whose name I never did really grasp. I instantly called in a purple berry loco tomato. They where champagne grape sized, dark purple, naturally sweet with the essance of a dark ripe tomato.
The overall best product category found it's champion in the full sized herb category. Sweet Aztec got alot of votes. While stevia is a common herbal sweetener, sweet aztec is blindingly sweet, double sweet, almost nauseating sweet, and that is only one leaf.

Most of the afternoon consisted of cooking demos, and lounging around the farm. The stage here, was very ample, and accessable to view, while the audio equipment was todays devils advocate. Mind you that we are in a tent, in the grass, about 1/4 mile from any building or electical outlet. I think the staff did an unbelievable job at the CG. Things seemed to go off without so much as a hint of trouble.
Will Goldfarb from NYC did a wonderful job entertaining us with his witty comedy, and a dessert consisting of a green curry yogurt mousse, a sable made with hard cooked egg yolk, and an instantly frozen tuile using an 'anti-griddle' or a 'frozen flat top' which is a very cool tool that can quickly freeze things on a super cooled metal cook/freeze top.
John Suley had fun with everyone playing with liquid nitrogen. Jeff Henderson celebrated his birthay with us along with his ideas, and motivation to help rescue trouble youths through cooking. Lastly Scott Crawford, a lover of beets not unlike myself shared a beet cured salmon that tasted as good as it looked with a dark red trim around rosey pink interior.

On our way out I realized that the landscaping around the CVI didn't consist of day lilys or roses, rather herbs, vegetables, greens, and lettuces. This is my final picture of this lettuce landscaping with the CVI in the background.
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to be obtuse, but what is Chef's Garden (CG)?

Michael Walsh said...

This is a quote from the CG webste, "Welcome toThe Chef’s Garden™, Inc. As a pioneer in the world of micro greens, micro herbs and specialty vegetables, we are honored to be associated with the top chefs, restaurants and resorts in the United States and beyond.

The Chef’s Garden™, Inc. is dedicated to “growing vegetables slowly and gently in full accord with nature. ®” We are firm believers in sustainable agriculture and our team members work as one with nature to provide exceptional products while improving soil quality for future generations.

Our mission is to grow, package and ship the highest quality, safest and most flavorful specialty vegetables and herbs, while maintaining a commitment to ecologically friendly and wholly sustainable agricultural practices. "

taken from