Friday, July 20, 2007

Chef's Garden 2007 Chef Summit 2

Our next step in exploring the farm was a guided trip the included the CG sales area, green houses, research and development room, and packaging area. The CG takes alot of pride in food saftey, and there are many features of the farm that we saw displayed this. From the tray a seed is planted in and documented to the day it's packed with ice for a trip on fed-ex steps are taken to protect the safest product possible.
Pictured above are trays of germinating seeds. We learned that the CG grades there seed before they even plant them. They test specificly for seed density, which directly coerlates to plant growth with the highest efficiancy. In some cases as much as 90% of seeds purchased are actually planted as the farm sees fit only to plant the best, most viable seeds
This area of the greenhouses is where trays of microgreens are seeded, labeled, given a life long bar coded tag, and sent on a very effective mono-rail system to it's resting place. It takes anywhere from 3 to 7 days for seeds to sprout, and then they are watched daily as they reach there desired size.

Lucily we where able to sample an array of microgreens and other greenhouse items. I've long been a fan of corn shoots and popcorn shoots both rather sweet and mild. Crystal verde, ruby verdy and a third spinach variety where suprisingly succulent to everyone on hand. The CG signature Salad Sensation was rather mild and green tasting after reflecting on the zip of the micro citrus blend, and micro anise hysop.

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