Friday, July 20, 2007

Chef's Garden 2007 Chef Summit 3

You can get an idea of the size greenhouse we visited, and in total there must be close to 15 seperate structures.
Here we can see a few trays of microgreens where some a completely full and other empty.
The CG space is a demonstration in effeciancy. This space between larger greenhouses has been assemled into a modest space able to hold a few clamshells worth of still growing microgreens

The beauty in this picture can not even be interupted by the fact we are actually looking at CG compost field. CG uses nutrient rich green grass as a way to intoduce nirogen into their compost. No animal manure is used in an effort to keep the farm as clean as possible. These compost heeps streached about 75 yards long and 4 foot high. When they begin they are turned daily and reach temperatures up to 160 degrees. The CG has a strict regime of rotating there field to take advantage of not only what a plant takes from the soil, but what it leaves in it's place. Oh yeah, the sky is wonderful too.

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