Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Snake Hill Farms at Lakewood Farmers Market

Snake Hill Farm is an all organic farm who brings their products to the market on a weekly basis. They grow the most wondeful baby vegetables...carrots, beets, turnips. Below is a boquet of flowers from their farm. On most occassions Snake Hill has the only, if not the best selection of salad greens at the market.

We learned from the farmer that over the winter Snake Hill Farms introduced some trace minarals and vitamens into their soil in hopes of harvesting more nutrient dense produce. Word is things are growing stong as ever. The Cippollini onions below are fresh dug, and haven't aquired that dried skin, and root end that have caused many hours of work for me in the past. The range in hue with out the dry skin is quite interesting, from dark purple to stark white.

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