Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Review

It’s the 2009 wrap up! I can’t really put a good twist on things at this time so I figured I would throw a twist on the whole year in review thing and make a list of lists. Lets’ see how this works……

Best Happy Hour of 09

Salmon Dave’s half price apps
Momocho, half price taquitos
Taco Tuesday at The Riverwood, $1 tacos!
Pearl of the Orient’s half price apps on Tuesday.

Best Meal of 09

The one and only Foie I had the past 12 months at Three Birds. I need to eat more foie!

Favorite Drink of 09

Ezra Brooks 90 proof Bourbon
Arnold Palmer with a lemon

Most frequented Blog of 09

Line Cook


Sports by Brooks

Most Frequent listened to song on ITunes in 09

The Grey Album
Gunsmoke by The Coup
It’s a Metaphor dialogue on The Last Time I Committed Suicide soundtrack

Number of Employers the past 12 months

3, including the Government.

Most Interesting things happening on the culinary front for me in 09

Going from completely engulfed in the ‘local’ movement to completely ambivalent to it.

Creating, opening, and successfully operating 2 new dinner operations in the past 2 years only to end up back at square one.

Becoming, and staying unemployed for almost 5 months.

Best things in 09

My family and their health
My GF and her companionship and love
My job at Nemo Grille

Best Dishes I created in 09

Rabbit Ragout, roasted whole local organic rabbit braised in a rich tomato broth served over Ohio City Pasta’s Herb Parpadelle topped with a chive marscapone

Head Cheese, classic fromage de tete, served with pickled vegetables and toast points

Beer Cheese Soup, Great Lakes Porter and white chedder go great together.

Caesar Salad satay, Italian white anchovies wrapped around romain....who would have thought?

Single item I’ve eaten most in 09

Ground beef

Best New Places I’ve been in 09

Black Bird Bakery

Bar Symon

Greenhouse Tavern

Best Blast from the Past in 09

Combo’s snack
Linden Tavern


Most Ambitious NY resolutions

Re-juvinate career
Loss about 200 lb
Take a vacation

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