Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Restaurant Poll Results

I’ve been involved in the opening of only one restaurant so far in my time, and it is a daunting, nerve racking experience that can churn anyone into a meatball of spent emotion. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be fun to do it again….like a rollercoaster or a haunted house. That is from the restaurant point of view though and that is not what our poll question was about.

This poll is the first one, although the total votes are low, to be 100% consistent. Wait a month to make reservations at a newly opened restaurant is the consensus. Not an altogether unrealistic attitude. A few questions pop into my head like, who is dining at these new places the first month? What happens after 6 weeks that doesn’t happen after 3 that is so desirable? A month in a restaurant is a long time, experience wise, financially, functionally, emotionally. Personally, outside of opening night I’m willing to go to any new restaurant and support them anytime.

This whole new restaurant thing got me thinking about a few places that where once new that I’ve yet to go to; Crop is defiantly on the top of this list, L’abatrose, Roast, and go back to the Greenhouse. That is my list.

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Live to Cook at Home said...

I voted for wait a month, but I guess what I really meant was wait a month before truly judging a new restaurant. I am willing to give new restaurants a pass for the first month if there are service issues or minor kitchen issues.