Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last week-end of January 2010

Here we have all the staples of a modern kitchen....laptop, ipod, iphone, android phone, ipod docking station....hand blender, heating lamp, squeeze bottles, sharp knives....

Stuffed Quail; maple-duck sausage stuffing, root vegetable 'risotto', romanesco sauce, crispy leeks. In a unique celebrity sighting at Nemo, Anderson Varejao of the Cavs, enjoyed this dish going out the next day helping the Cavs to victory with 10 rebounds and 6 points in 27 minutes of play.

Elk Stew: Braised boneless Elk osso-bucco, Killbuck Valley mushrooms, root vegetables and white beans in a rich Elk broth topped with fresh herbs. This dish came out great! The osso-bucco cooked very uneven to start the process resulting in change of pace. The rather small cuts of Elk took over 6 hours to braise. Even then I felt like a few of them needed more time. For this reason I ditched the bones, diced up the meat, and concentrated on the broth which successfully brought everything together. The gamey Elk flavor plays a star roll here. It just doesn't make sense to bring in a unique product like Elk and cover up it's true flavors drowning it in bbq sauce or spices.

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