Friday, April 13, 2007

Cheese Plate

It is almost alway my pleasure to indulge wanting customer with a amusing assortment of cheeses upon their request. I personally am very fond of artisianal crafted cheeses. The unfortunate fact is that these cheeses specificly have a relativly short shelf life. I guess this is what makes them so special. Here is a plate that includes from left to right, Soft ripened Lake Erie Creamery Aged Goat Milk Cheese with white grape gelee, 6 year old Carr Valley Chedder with candy cashew, Cabrales Spanish Blue with roasted bell peppers, 6 month old Manchego with aged Balsamic, Honey glazed Lake Erie Creamery Goats Milk Chevre, and finally a Barrel aged Feta from Cyprus topped with a sundried tomato relish.
I was lucky enough to snap off a few interesting shots of this cheese plate, for this reason I thought I would share it.

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