Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Recipe de jour

The First comment I recieved from my six month review post revolved around more recipies, and for that i'm greatfull because i'm full of quality recipies.

10 sheets to a liter

This seems all to simple, but very effective. What ever it is you want to gelatinize, this is the ratio. Bill Cosby eat your heart out, we figured it out. From jello shots, to tomato aspic, you now have the know how. Soften 10 sheets of gelatin in cold water, while warming a cup of liquid from the liter batch. When the gelatin is soft, and the liquid warm combine, mix into the master batch, and mold. The concoctions are endless, like a pomagranite, orange, carrot, leek, apple, cabbage, bannana jello!!!

On a more relative idea, I've used white grape gelle and brie together for an amuse, and Makers Mark Aspic with a Foie Gras Terrine was somewhat popular.

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