Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekly Specials

This week I find myself with a chance to demonstrate how adversity and timing directly dictate how thing happen in the kitchen. When time, and light, and labor flies around you like a hurricane, you can do nothing but adapt, now matter how strong, or how long you, or how dilligent an effort you put forth, sometimes, change is good. This is especially true when you make good changes. Note how things changed over a two day period from the last post. Two hours without electricity, lazy/tired/hot employees, and mind blowing heat add up to mandatory change.

Chilled watermelon soup with grilled squid and carrot salad

House cured Copper River Salmon, english pea dumplings, pea shoots, truffle vinagraitte, fleur de sel

Fig and Cherry salad, with blue cheese, port gelle, and Chef's Garden Spinach in a lemon vinagraitte

Seared Salmon over shitake and snow pea stir fry, fragrant basmanti rice baked in brix dough, and curry eggplant, Chef's Garden corn shoot garnish
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