Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekly Specials Photo

These Rainer Cherry and buttermilk blue cheese springrolls played center stage to the salad of Chef's Garden Asian Greens in a spicy plum vinagraitte and fig vinager. We used brix paper for the springroll to create cruncky yet delicate wrapping.

Yellow tomato gazpacho turned a greenish hue from the green bell peppers, parsley and cucumber, but was definatly less 'tomato-y' and paired well with warm grilled shrimp.

This soft shell crab has a very fine tempura batter that helps keep him crisp. Two of my current flavors make up the salad....fried chick-peas and dukkah, with Chef's Garden Root Spinach, english peas, and a whipped lemon sabyon. The spinach is hearty yet succulant lending both a crunch and a moisture that is quite plesant.

We used rather small sides of Wild Strip Bass which allowed us to focus on getting a nice crisp skin since there was a high proportion of it to flesh, and we where usually sucessful. The fish sits in a lobster-spring pea cassoullet where we put the focus on enlish peas, fava beans, and baby squash while using a base of dried white beans and lobster stock. The baby squash and baby tri-color snow peas are from the Chef's Garden, and elevate the dish to a wonderful seasonal exploration.
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mrpink said...

this sounds terrfic. especially the cherry/bleucheese rolls. wowowow