Saturday, August 30, 2008

The grill poll.

In an overwhelming show of support for the grill our poll shows that not cold nor snow will stop us from grilling out! It reminds me of the No Reservations show Mr. Bourdain did in Cleveland in which a few icy lake surfers showed the regions recreational flexibility under our mostly unfavorable weather conditions. If only he would have known that all across town men and women donned their thickest Browns parkas, dug a trail to the garage, fired up the coals, and stood there in the freezing sleet to cook a steak, or maybe some sausage. Now that would have set the scene for a food and travel show.

I can’t think of a single month in which there is no reason to fire up the grill. Consider January, and I harken the last tailgate of the year down at the Brown season finally, are you talking playoffs? Thinking about February, there isn’t a single wholesome Cleveland women who wouldn’t appreciate a good grill meal over that champagne surf and turf for Valentine’s day! To end cap those two snowed in months, March and December provide ample rays of sunshine to char some flesh in the cool breeze.

With a tong clenched fist raised to the sky and a bag of charcoal under the other arm I salute you for your never ending dedication to the grill, and pledge, "I never stop grilling!"

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