Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nemo's Specials, August 15

Soup: English Pea Gazpacho, Basil-lime Crab Salad

App: Steamed Mussels in a Tomato-Dijon broth

Entree: Grilled Swordfish, White Chedder and Fingerling Potato fondu, Pickled corn and Cabbage Slaw. I found inspiration for this dish from 'Papa a la Huancaina' which is a traditional dish from the Peruvian town of Huancayo, and is enjoyed all over Peru, consisting of boiled potatos covered in a spicy cheese sauce. Often accompanied by pickles, cabbage or olives.

Daily Salmon: Grilled local Zucchini, Pesto flavored Cous-cous, Red Pepper Coulis


Scott Sebastian said...

Looks great.

Good idea posting the specials. The down side is in order for it to be effective you have to promote your blog to your customers. Sometimes it's nice to post things your customers shouldn't see. I've made that compromise. I'm starting to think about starting a second "R" rated blog for non-customers but that would be twice the work.

Michael Walsh said...

Luckily, i never inteded this blog to be a promotional piece for the restaurant i work for. In a very greedy, self-centered attitude, this blog is about ME, and MY ideas. When i started this blog i was looking for an outlet to share with people what i did, as then sous chef at a restaurant that had a 'dining room chef' who's face would be most likely connected with the food. Luckily he gave me the opportunity be creative in the kitchen and this blog became my outlet to scream at the world, "hey, look what i did!"

Nemo Grille has their own website, and e-mail list so occasionally we share photos of specials and send mass e-mails.

Michael Walsh said...

Another blog sounds like alot of time and effort. I like the R rated idea though. An open forum would be a great way for chefs to vent. Like waiterrant, or bitterwaitress websites, it would be called disgruntledchef, and we could all unanimously tell our side of the story, which as we know, isn't all timely deliveries and happy customers.