Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nemo pics

This is where mashed potatoes come from!

Herb crusted walleye, lobster mash, horseradish-tomato relish.

Tempura fried shrimp, green curry aioli,
soy roasted pineapple are hidden in there.

My ride to work. Not bad, 20 minutes, 3 lanes, and
not alot of traffic as you can see.
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Scott Sebastian said...

I was happy to see your photo of walleye. I recently ate at a Mcormick&Schmik's (sp?) and ordered the walleye. (It's huge around here) What I got was a plate full of mashed potatoes and a garnish of walleye. It's good to see you have your priorities right.

Michael Walsh said...

Thanks for the comment scott. Walleye isn't as popular as it should be around here. It a very approachable fish from the customers standpoint, and it's a very quick pick up in the kitchen.

When i saw the price of halibut went up to $12.99 a pound I did a double take and started looking at other prices. Walleye sides where $8.99, and nice large sizes as well. Getting stuck with little 12 oz sides really sucks. I am pushing to get walleye on the menu, if for no other reason price point alone.

Scott Sebastian said...

BTW, what do you do about the pin bones? It looks as though you didn't cut them out. Do you leave them in, pull them or does your purveyor remove them?

Michael Walsh said...

Yeah, the pin bones, what a shame. That is why i commented on getting lucky with large sides. I cut out the bones. Inevidably you get portions that will be two pieces down the road.

My purveyor charges another 50 cents a pound to skin and bone walleye sides, and when they do it they "zipper" cut the bones off the sides leaving all the useless belly. I prefer to do it myself.

If i get really small sides, and chose to leave the skin on, i can cut the bones out, but not cut through the skin, which is another nice way to get large pieces.